Electric Train Maxi Model Locomotive & Efe Model Wagons

Electric Train production process of 1 unit Maxi Model Locomotive and 4 unit Efe Model wagons, which are the orders of our Lithuanian customers, have been completed.

This electric train, which will be used outdoors, is extremely durable to bad weather conditions.
So, all the frames are made of polyurethane material.

There is a disabled entry on the back wagon for disabled people.

This trackless train will use on the slope area, So we added 5KW 72V BLDC engine on the train.

Also, 12 72V 225 A American Trojan Batteries were used.

–Train Specifications–

  • 1 Maxi Model Locomotive + 3 Efe Model Passenger Wagon + 1 Efe Model Coal Wagon
  • 5 KW 72V BLDC Electric Engine
  • 72V 225 A Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries (12 unit) – American Trojan Batteries
  • 72V 225A Engine Controller
  • Standard 220V Charging System
  • 8-10 Hours Use With Full Charge
  • Polyurethane Material – Frames and Advertising Frames
  • Door Edges Aluminum Covering
  • Locomotive Front Lamp Will Be In The Middle
  • Train Cover (For 1 Locomotive and 4 wagons)
  • Yellow, Green, Red, Black Wagons Color
  • Wheels in Motion
  • Smoke Machine
  • Sound Pack
  • Led Lights
  • Disabled Entry System for Back Wagon

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