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Allame, which has been operating in the sector since 1985, has been established in Denizli Center on a 2.000 m² closed production area. We have an average of 20 employees with a team of 4 project engineers.

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  • Electric Ladybug Train is in Tirana, Albania

    The production process of the electric ladybug train, which was ordered by our customer in Tirana, Albania, has been completed. The train’s shipping process will begin this week. It is placed on the chassis to prevent any damage to the train during transportation. At the same time, top and side protection bars are placed. We

    November 1, 2021
  • Our Nostalgic Electric Tram is in “Ordu” City

    As Garatren, we completed the Electric Nostalgic Tram production process that we produced for the city of Ordu and delivered it to Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. In the first place, the “Electric Nostalgic Tram”, which will start its services between the cable car(ropeway) station and the pier, will be good for our beautiful Ordu province. Ordu

    September 25, 2021
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